Friday, February 20, 2009

Future DG

So, for those of you who don't know about the sorority that I was in, Delta Gamma's symbol is the anchor, therefore, I enjoy all things related to anchors. Right now, Old Navy has anchor clothing for girls in almost every color. Of course, when I saw that online, I had to rush out to the store to get her something and ended up buying her a navy blue shirt with pink anchors and two swimsuits with anchors on them. I could not decide between the two, and I decided, well we live in Southern California, the girl needs swimsuits, right?

I brought them home and had to have her model them to see if they fit, so here is the result:


Lisa D said...

Too cute!! Mariah is such a little doll. And yes, a CA girl can't have too many swimsuits!

A few weeks ago I was out for my birthday w/ a bunch of DGs - we went to this boutique children's store while we were waiting for our table and the store had TONS of Anchor outfits & dresses. They even had these little shoes w/ anchors on them! Adorable! I don't have any nieces, though, which is probably good! Otherwise I would have bought way too much stuff! :)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

hjr said...

those are so cute! I love anchor clothing. I already have a little girls sunhat that has anchors on it, that of course is put away for when the time comes and with fingers tripled crossed that I have girls!

Mariah is such a cutie and yes esp for where we live we need lots of swimsuits. Nothing wrong with training her well now esp when it comes to cute clothes.