Monday, January 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, after a 6 month process of putting an offer on a townhome, getting outbid on the offer, outbidding that offer, waiting for the bank to approve the offer, and then waiting for the bank and escrow company to close the deal, we are FINALLY homeowners. It has been a long wait and has really tested our patience, but we are very excited to finally be working on our own home and getting ready to move in soon. The picture above is what our current place that we are renting looks like on the outside, but that is pretty much what the new place looks like as well. It was dark so I couldn't take exterior pics this evening.

So, the details on our new place are that it is in the same townhome complex that we currently live in, so we get to continue to use our wonderful facilities including pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, fitness center, indoor racquetball court, etc, etc. It is a 1300 sq foot one-level townhome with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 2 car garage.

This is a picture of the entry way, living room, and off to the right is the 3rd bedroom/den.Here is the dining room/kitchen and sliding doors that go out to our patio.

More living room/dining room.This is a picture of Mariah's/Guest bathroom.

Master Bedroom pics.
Master bathroom.

Mariah has a bedroom too, but it was too difficult to take a picture of it. I will take pics once her furniture is in there and post those.

Also, wanted to post this pic of Mariah hanging out on the couch at our old house watching Mickey Mouse club and eating a snack. She looks so grown up in this pic, I can't hardly believe it.


Brittany Miller said...

Congratulations! Enjoy all the decorating!

Lisa D said...

Congrats!! Good luck getting all settled in!

And Mariah does look so grown up in that picture!!