Saturday, January 17, 2009


So, I just wanted to update everyone that Mariah is finally walking!!! Matt and I were getting a little concerned as we expect her to be above average :) She started taking a couple of steps on Tuesday when I picked her up from our neighbor's after work and now she is taking 10 steps or so back and forth between us. Now when people say, "Is she walking yet?" as that seems to be the common question lately, we can finally say that she is.

She is so cute when she does it too as she is all smiles. It is very exciting, but a little sad at the same time. I see all these little babies out and about and I realize that she was like that just a short time ago, but now she is in the toddler stage. Everyone says time flies when you have a child, but you don't realize it until you watch your 5 pound little baby who is so dependent on you change into a little girl overnight. Tear :(

We will post some video soon, so that you can all enjoy her walking as well.

We are still waiting on closing on the house and keys, which is getting kind of annoying, but I guess we are learning patience through this whole ordeal.