Monday, November 3, 2008

The Beginning of Mariah's Fall

Well, we created a blog. It's obviously the cool thing to do, but probably so last year :)

Kelli and I often discuss how much we love San Diego, but how much we also miss our family. So, I'm using this blog to hopefully bridge the distance between us all. I've finally started making videos to send back home and they're getting to be too large to send via email. Therefore, sharing videos will be one of the main purposes of this blog. I'm hoping that it will also improve my lack of extemporaneous writing skills.

Most of all, we want our family and friends to be a part of Mariah's life. You've influenced us both greatly and we can only hope that she has the same great childhood surrounded by family and friends.

I've included a video of our trip to the Pumpkin Patch and Mariah's first Halloween. The Pumpkin Patch is located outside San Diego in the hills/desert. Unfortunately, it was 95 degrees that day, not exactly the fall, Pumpkin Patch weather one would hope for. Mariah can't say no, so she wore her long sleeve Halloween shirt. At the farm, there were tons of pumpkins, obviously, and some carnival games for the kids. It was mostly a photo op for both us and our neighbors. The girls got tired after only a few hours, so we packed up and headed back toward the coast where it was much cooler.

The other half of the video is Mariah's first Halloween. Kelli took her to a shopping center where you can donate canned goods and in return some of the stores gave away candy. This seemed to work out better as Mariah wouldn't really understand the "Trick or Treating" concept. She had more fun playing with the fountain because her mean parents won't give her the candy. Poor deprived child.

Hopefully this proves to be a good medium for communication and keeping everyone caught up on what's happening with Mariah and Nala.

Take Care -


Lisa D said...

That video is awesome!! You are going to be so glad you have these!

Hope you enjoyed Mariah's first bday!!!

Kelli said...
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Kelli said...

Glad you liked the video Lisa. She is definitely at a fun age right now.