Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Great Day

Today is truly a great day. 1 year ago, our precious daughter was born. We thank God everyday for bringing her into our lives. She's truly the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for. Mariah we love you very much and are looking forward to many more fun years and birthdays!

As everyone knows, it's also election day. That's important as well and if you know me, I love politics, but won't get into that at this moment. Because, even more important than following every twist and turn of the election is the fact that it's raining today! San Diego may have the most perfect weather in the nation, but that also makes it the most boring weather. I watch the weather every morning to see if it will be 70 and sunny or 78 and sunny knowing that the answer really won't make a difference in what I choose to wear that day. However, last night and today we finally received something different...RAIN! I miss the weather in ND (spring, summer, and fall...not winter) where you could start a round of golf at 11 am when it's sunny and 70 and by the end of the round it could be sleeting with a 45 mph wind. Great stuff.

For today, Kelli and I are extremely happy that it's peacefully raining giving us a little variety. But most of all, we are beside ourselves with joy that 1 year ago, our beautiful daughter was born. Mariah, you've impacted our lives more than you'll ever know...thank you God for giving us such a perfect gift.


Meg said...

i love your new blog!! i can not believe she is one year old! she is so beautiful! :) happy post election day!

wendyjo said...

Thanks for starting a blog Matt & Kelli. A geat way to post videos. Can't wait to see little miss blue eyes over Christmas!

Kelli said...

Glad you like the blogs guys!!! Matt knows how obsessed I am with other people's blogs (including yours Meagan), so I guess he decided to start one of our own.