Monday, November 10, 2008

The Weekend

This past weekend was somewhat uneventful, but after running around so much last weekend, it was nice to be able to sit at home, relax, and play with Mariah and Nala.

The weekend started off fantastic as my company decided to provide everyone with iPhones! Even though I'm a huge Mac guy, I was somewhat skeptical of the iPhone. How wrong I was. It's truly a amazing little device. As with everything, it's not perfect, but I have no doubt that Apple will continue to improve upon an already spectacular product. I spent much of Friday night and Saturday morning playing around with it.

Sunday was another great day as it rained most of the day. I wrote about this before, but because we get rain so rarely, we simply love basking in the peaceful sounds and smells of the rain. It makes us both miss the summers in ND, but definitely not the winters. In stark contrast however, my Mom sent pictures of the 12 inches of snow they received...I'll keep the sunny days and rare rainfall :)

The only negative about the rainfall was the fact that the weatherstripping on my sunroof has a leak. I discovered it a few weeks ago after going through a car wash and getting a wet lap on the way to a business meeting. Perfect timing. The problem hasn't solved itself and I'm going to have to get it fixed very soon. Maybe it's a good thing it doesn't rain that often.

Tonight we're heading to the Gaslamp district to have dinner with one of our friends. Mariah loves people watching at busy restaurants (On the Border is now her new favorite) so hopefully it will be fun for everyone.

I'm still working on Mariah's 1st Birthday video. Ok, I actually have only barely started, but I will try to get it finished somewhat soon.

Take care -

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